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Full Body Virtual Reality System Launches on Kickstarter

By ashley, 09/02/2013 - 3:51pm

This September, YEI Technology is taking games and virtual reality (VR) to the next level with the Kickstarter release of the PrioVR, a body-tracking virtual reality system that finally delivers on the promise of natural-feeling, full-body immersion.

For years, fully immersive VR experiences have only been available on specialized high-budget projects in the defense and entertainment industries. Unlike these current VR and motion capture systems, PrioVR will be designed with mass production and affordability in mind allowing developers to create dynamic, virtual environments that everyone can experience.

The PrioVR will use an array of high-performance inertial sensors along with a centralized, wearable, wireless hub architecture enabling PrioVR to provide 360 degrees real-time motion capture while reducing latency and improving wireless performance. There will be no need for special rooms, cameras, optics or line of sight that current VR systems require and can accommodate multiple simultaneous users with minimal setup.

PrioVR will focus on tracking movements of the torso, arms and legs in a VR space. PrioVR will be compatible with other VR products and include an SDK and API to enable you to fully integrate it's full-body motion capture into video games, simulations, learning games and applications that have only been dreamed about.

The PrioVR Kickstarter project launches on September 3, 2013 and be live for 45 days. The Kickstarter will fund development, parts and manufacturing costs for an initial run of PrioVR developer kits.

For more information about PrioVR and the Kickstarter project, please visit the PrioVR Kickstarter page.