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3-Space HiPerGyro


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Product Overview

The YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro is an integrated system that utilizes a novel arrangement of sensing elements combined with advanced algorithmic processing to produce an ultra-high-precision, high-reliability, miniature, navigation-grade Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) / Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The system exhibits size, weight, and power characteristics similar to MEMS-based solutions yet achieves performance characteristics previously only attainable in laser-ring and fiber-optic systems.

The YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro utilizes a combination of gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and barometer sensing elements in conjunction with advanced on-board processing and filtering algorithms to achieve ultra-accurate inertial measurements and attitude/heading outputs in real-time.

A proprietary multi-sensor-fusion approach combined with dynamic sensor-error and bias tracking allow for extreme accuracy and precision across a wide range of operating conditions.

The YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro unit features are accessible via a well-documented open communication protocol that allows access to all available sensor data and configuration parameters using either RS422 or USB 2.0 interfaces. Versatile commands allow access to raw sensor data, normalized sensor data, and filtered absolute and relative orientation outputs in multiple formats including: quaternion, Euler angles (pitch/roll/yaw), rotation matrix, axis angle, two vector (forward/up).

Areas of Application

  • Navigation
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Antenna and platform stabilization
  • Optical stabilization
  • Personnel / pedestrian navigation and tracking
  • Unmanned air/land/water vehicle guidance
  • Marine motion sensing

Hardware Overview

YEI 3-Space Sensor

Key Features

The YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro has many features that allow it to be a flexible all-in-one solution for your high-accuracy inertial and orientation sensing needs. Below are some of the key features:

  • Small, self-contained, ultra-high-performance AHRS at 54mm x 64mm x 10mm and <40 grams
  • Optical gyro IMU performance characteristics at MEMS size, weight, and power.
  • Fast sensor update and filter rate allow use in real-time applications, including navigation, stabilization, and guidance
  • Advanced integrated on-board multi-sensor fusion provides ultra-high accuracy.
  • Proprietary dynamic sensor-error tracking and bias tracking automatically minimize the effects of sensor noise and sensor error across a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Proprietary bias-tracking achieves gyro bias drift of less than 0.001º/hr for all axes and gyro ARW of less than 0.00005º/vhr
  • Robust open protocol allows commands to be sent in human readable form, or, more quickly, in machine readable form
  • Orientation output format available in absolute or relative terms in multiple formats (quaternion, rotation matrix, axis angle, two-vector)
  • Absolute or custom reference axes
  • Includes barometric sensor to aid in altitude estimation.
  • Flexible communication options: USB 2.0 or Full Duplex RS422
  • Communication through a virtual COM port
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • RGB status LEDs



Part number TSS-HG-1
Dimensions 52.8mm x 64mm x 9.2mm ( 2.08in x 2.525in x 0.36in )
Weight < 45 grams ( 1.6 oz )
Supply voltage +5v USB or +3.3v~+6v External
Power requirement < 0.72W (< 150mA @ 5VDC)
Communication interfaces USB 2.0, RS422(Full Duplex)
Filter update rate 180Hz with full performance filtering and bias tracking (Depends upon communication mode and filter mode.)
Orientation output absolute & relative quaternion, Euler angles, axis angle, rotation matrix, two vector
Other output raw sensor data, normalized sensor data, calibrated sensor data, temperature
Shock survivability 5000g
Temperature range -40C ~ 85C ( -40F ~ 185F )

Sensor (All performance data are preliminary and subject to change)

Orientation range 360º about all axes
Orientation accuracy TBD
Orientation resolution <0.02º
Orientation repeatability 0.021º for all orientations
Power requirement < 0.72W (<150mA @ 5VDC)
Accelerometer scale ±2g/±4g/±8g selectable (other ranges up to ±400g available)
Accelerometer resolution 16-bit effective
Accelerometer noise density 24.8 µg/√Hz
Accelerometer sensitivity 0.00024g/digit for ±2g range
0.00048g/digit for ±4g range
0.00096g/digit for ±8g range
Accelerometer temperature sensitivity ±0.008%/°C
Gyro scale ±250/±500/±2000 º/sec selectable
Gyro resolution ±250/±500/±2000 º/sec selectable
Gyro scale ±250/±500/±2000 º/sec selectable
Gyro angular random walk
(With full filtering and bias tracking enabled)
<0.00005º/vhr ( static conditions ) TBD ( dynamic conditions )
Gyro bias stability
(With full filtering and bias tracking enabled)
<0.001º/hr average for all axes ( static conditions )
TBD ( dynamic conditions )
Gyro sensitivity 0.00875º/sec/digit for ±250º/sec
0.01750º/sec/digit for ±500º/sec
0.070º/sec/digit for ±2000º/sec
Gyro non-linearity 0.2% full-scale
Gyro temperature sensitivity ±0.016%/°C
Compass scale ±10 Ga
Compass resolution 20-bit effective
Compass sensitivity 1 mGa/digit
Compass non-linearity 0.1% full-scale
Barometer resolution 10-bit
Barometer range 10-bit
Barometer sensitivity 0.15 kPa / digit
Barometer accuracy ±1 kPa


YEI 3-Space Sensor


Technical Brief: YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro, 0.9.2, updated 15 Nov 2012, Includes product data and specifications

YEI 3-Space HiPerGyro User Manual, 1.0, updated 29 Nov 2012